Resto: Il Veliero

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This is the kind of restaurant I would like to keep for myself. It’s the only place (so far) where I can have a decent meal in a cosy atmosphere. Of course I’ve been to many restaurants in Brussels, but only a few months ago, I discovered that I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). By following a strict medical diet, the low-FODMAP diet, I learnt that I should avoid all gluten, amongst other things. For someone who loves italian food, that’s a problem! Luckily I saw an article online, called ‘Going against the grain: a guide to being gluten free in Brussels’ (see link below). I chose to go to Il Veliero, an italian restaurant very close the Place Jourdan, in the Schuman area. Before going into the details, let me tell you that I felt extremely happy taking my first bite of authentic italian pizza, completely gluten free.

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The woman who works in the restaurant is very sweet. She asked immediately if we wanted to eat regular or gluten free and was happy to explain everything on the menu. I went for the Melanzana pizza (tomato, mozzarella, aubergine), but in a gluten & lactose free version. She even showed me the ingredients of the cheese to make sure I could eat it. It’s a relief not having to ask the waiter about every detail, because they usually don’t understand why I am being so difficult. The crust is really crispy, as it should be, and the ingredients pure. I loved it!

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Another great thing is that my boyfriend had a wide choice of regular pizza & pasta. He chose the Pizza Veliero (tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, origano, truffle).

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For dessert I took the lemon sorbet. It was very refreshing and had a white color instead of artificially yellow, which is a good sign.

I left with a very good feeling, like I just had a great meal at my favorite aunt’s house. Do you know that feeling? The place really breathes the atmosphere of a family business. I will definitely go back to try the gluten & lactose free gnocchi.

More info?

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I hope I didn’t convince you too much, please leave a place for me 🙂 ! See you next time.


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