Bye Bye Brussels

Hello everyone!


I’m taking a little break from blogging because I’m leaving for Berlin today! But don’t worry, I bought a memory card of 64 GB, which means I can store more than 5000 pictures :). I’m really looking forward to my first trip to Berlin. We will be staying in Kreuzberg,  a neighborhood with lots of young people and many possibilities to go out. I found a few gluten free restaurants nearby, so I won’t starve.  This is what’s on the program:

  • Hamburger Bahnhof Museum (contemporary art in a former railway station)
  • Eastside Gallery (a piece of the Wall covered with artworks)
  • Free Walking Tour in Mitte
  • Sachsenhausen Memorial (Concentration Camp)
  • Friedrichsheim
  • Berghain nightclub
  • And of course some shopping (I could use a new pair of sneakers)

Yuki (if you don’t know it yet, she’s my cat) will be staying in a sort of cat hotel in Brussels that is run by a group of vets, so she will be in good hands. If you’re planning to go to Berlin yourself, I can recommend a few blogs to prepare the trip: (Dutch) (English) (English)

If you know some good shops, restaurants, cafés or things I have to see in Berlin, please let me know by leaving a comment.

See you next week!

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