(III) Berlin: Sachsenhausen Memorial


This is the final part of my Berlin travel report and not the most easy one! It’s about the Sachsenhausen Memorial,  a concentration camp that we visited, just outside Berlin. We took a guided tour that starts at Brandenburger Tor and led us together with a group of people to Sachsenhausen.

I found it quite hard to take pictures, out of respect for all the people who died there. Having that in mind, I hope I managed to give you an impression about the camp with the following pictures.

street view of the memorial site
entrance of the camp – Arbeit Macht Frei – couldn’t be more ironic
barracks – only a few of them have been preserved & renovated to give an image of how it was in that time – the little stones on the ground show where the other barracks used to be
inside the barracks – people were just numbers
window in the kitchen where some of the prisoners had to work

Our guide told us in detail how the nazi’s treated the prisoners and we were all quite shocked. What stroke me the most was that a lot of different people who did nothing wrong were bullied and harassed in horrible ways. I already knew that they had to work until they couldn’t stand anymore, but why all the additional bullying?

If you have the chance to visit a concentration camp, don’t hesitate. It’s definitely very hard to hear about everything that happened there, but you will never forget it. Anyway, I will never forget it. It really made me think about human nature and what’s going on in the world. Until now, two weeks later, a lot of questions still haunt in my head and I hope they will be for a long time. Because something like that we should never forget, especially if today people in other parts of the world still have to go through similar situations.

More info?


Sorry to end the Berlin report with such a depressing idea. Next weekend will be about Brussels again! See you next time.





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