The Sound Of Belgium

Yes, that’s right. Belgium has a sound 🙂 .


The Sound Of Belgium is the name of a music documentary directed by Jozef Devillé about the Belgian dance music scene in the late 80’s. It has its origins around the time I was born. Why am I telling you this? Two reasons:

  1. It’s a very amusing feel-good documentary that you should see if you like electronic music.
  2. They organize parties in Brussels! The next one is 28/08/2015 @ Club Vilaine (see link below).

The movie tells the story of the rise of New Beat music in the Belgian dance temples like Boccaccio, Sherrymoon, La Rocca and Fifty Five. Today, Belgian dance clubs are very mainstream, but in the late 80’s it was the place to be for alternative electronic dance music. New Beat is a unique sound that is invented in Belgium. It’s a cross-over of EBM (Electronic Body Music, like Front 242) and acid, that has 100 to 115 beats per minute, which is rather slow. You can see it as the frontrunner of House and Techno. Do you know ‘This is the sound of C‘? It’s from Confetti’s, one of the major Belgian new beat bands, like Lords of Acid.

This New Beat became so popular in Belgian clubs that young people from all over Europe came here to party. They drove from party to after party, all day and night, during the whole weekend without sleeping. Because of the drug use that went with it, the authorities closed club after club. Not a lot of people in Belgium and around the world know about this big influence we had on todays electronic music. It’s almost like it never happened! That’s why this documentary is so important. I can promise you, it will make you smile and ask yourself: ‘Why don’t we have these kind of parties today?’.

The Boccaccio club is closed, but you still have a chance to feel the vibe of New Beat at one of the TSOB parties. The 6th edition is @ Club Vilaine in the centre of Brussels on 28/08/2015. There will be an old school Belgian legend playing, expect some hard tunes!

More info?

The Sound Of Belgium Official Website

Facebook page

The Sound Of Belgium Party

Free entrance < Midnight > 8€

Club La Vilaine: Rue de la Vièrge Noire 12, 1000 Brussels

Watch the trailer here:


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