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For art galleries, September is a very important month, because it’s the start of the new art season! They usually close their doors in August for holidays, and reopen the next month with a momentous exhibition. To celebrate the opening of the new art season, galleries show their new exhibitions during the Brussels Art Days. This year it takes place on 11/09, 12/09 & 13/09/2015.

There are 30 galleries that participate, so in order to see everything that is word seeing, a little preparation is necessary. Here’s a list of some galleries that I would like to visit. Keep in mind that I don’t know all of the artists in every gallery, I just made a selection based on what attracted me the most.

Kathryn AndrewsGladstone Gallery


I took the picture at Art Brussels this year. It’s the only work from Kathryn Andrews I’ve seen so far, so I’m very curious to see what she will present in the Gladstone Gallery. From what I read, I learned that her work is about mass consumption & politics. She works a lot with high gloss materials like you see in the picture. The exhibition is called ‘Trinity and Powers: In Search of Breadfruit‘.

Thomas BayrleDépendance

I missed the exhibition in Wiels in 2013, so I’m glad that Thomas Bayrle is returning to Brussels. He’s a German artist that is influenced by Pop Art. His work is very colorful and with lots of repetition. The video is from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona where he exposed in 2009 (found on Youtube, link:

Wang Du @ Albert Baronian

As you might have guessed from his name, Wang Du is a Chinese artist who makes very impressive sculptures. I saw a work of him in Mons this year (it was called Luxe Populaire), but unfortunately taking pictures was not allowed. If you google his name, you will quickly get an idea of his work. He makes big sculptures about the influence of mass media on everyday life and they can be very provocative.

Christian JaccardValérie Bach

Christian Jaccard is a man who likes to play with fire! I never heard of him before, but after doing a little research, I’m intrigued. He works with industrial waste, knots and FIRE. In this video from Eyko23, found on Youtube, you can see how he works (link:

More info?

Brussels Art Days official website

list participating galleries

If there are other artists that are really worth discovering during the Brussels Art Days, please let me know by leaving a comment (in English, French or Dutch).

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