Cinema Bioscoop Festival

What’s your favorite cinema in Brussels?

Mine is Cinema Galeries, located in the Royal Gallery Saint-Hubert in the center of Brussels, an old alternative cinema built in 1939. They are hosting a 4-day film festival from 8 tot 11 october 2015, called CINEMA BIOSCOOP FESTIVAL.


CINEMA BIOSCOOP FESTIVAL is the very first edition of the Dutch movie festival in Brussels. Dutch doensn’t only mean Flemish movies, but also movies from Suriname, South-Africa and the Netherlands. Almost all the movies are subtitled in French (not in English). Personally, I am looking forward to see Borgman and My Queen Karo, by chance both on Saturday 10/10, and Prins, what looks like a crazy movie about a ghetto kid. Here’s the full program (click on the movie name to see the trailer):

Thursday 08/10/15

Friday 09/10/15

Saturday 10/10/15

  • My Queen Karo (by Dorothée Van Den Berghe) IMDb score 6,5 + short film Eclipse
  • Borgman (by Alex van Warmerdam) IMDb score 6,8 + short film Edmond

Sunday 11/10/15

  • Wan Pipel (by Pim de la Parra) IMDb score 6,7 + short film Tomtei Shampoo

More info?

Official website CINEMA BIOSCOOP (in Dutch and French)

Cinema Galleries website




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