Fragil is the name of an exhibition that is organized on the occasion of the new Zinneke Parade that will take place in 2016. The exhibition is an introduction to the theme fragility. No less than 17 artists currently show their vision on this theme in an old abandoned supermarket in the center of Brussels. If you are in Brussels this week, go take a look because it’s closing again on 19/10/2015. I definitely feel inspired by this expo and I would recommend it to everyone! 


Waiting for climate change by Isaac Cordal. We see some business people in a puddle of water. It seems like they’re trapped and might die. The work is about our relationship with nature. Nature is fragile, but it also makes us aware of our own fragility.


Vu Cumprà by Younes Baba-Ali. Vu cumprà is a term used for street vendors in Italy who are illegal in the country. The word comes from ‘Vuoi comprare?’, meaning ‘do you want to buy?’. We see a sculpture of a man that is selling balloons, but we only see his legs. What do we know about him?


Brise Légère by Vincen Beeckman. This is a detail of a collection of quotes, pictures and ideas about homeless people and poverty. It’s about the the tension between two worlds: the world of the artist and the world of the person living in the street. They are both fragile, but in different ways.


En vitrine by Maarten Gielen. We see a rhino that used to be in the permanent collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa of Tervuren, only he has no horn.


The Fragility Training Institute by Mauro Paccagnella & Eric Valette. Take the time and sit down watching the video and listening to the instructions. They explain different exercises that they want you to do. One of them is to think about a part of your body that you don’t like. They ask you to close your eyes and think about it. After a while, they ask you to look at the other people around the table and show them the part of your body that you don’t like. If necessary, take your cloths of. Of course nobody really does it, but you feel instantly fragile! The only way to deal with this is to laugh and get the hell out of there 🙂 .


Sans titre by Priscilla Beccari. Her work is about the fragility of the human body. This is only one of the Chinese ink drawings, covered in varnish.


Cometa en Orbita (Kite in orbi) by Naya Kuu. This video shows the portrait of the 16 year old Jonathan who lives in Colombia. He is on the run because of the violence in his family. He doesn’t know how to read, but he slowly discovers poetry while he becomes friends with two artists.

As I said before, the exhibition is about fragility. The artists talk about poverty, climate change, refugees, violence and so on, but fragility is not necessarily a bad thing. It should not be seen as a weakness! Fragility is a quality that helps us to become aware of ourself. As humans, we are fragile, but we should embrace this! That’s the bottom line of this exhibition and of the Zinneke parade next year.

More info?

Fragile is located 5 minutes walking from the metro station De Brouckère, Rue du Marché aux Poulets 5 (Kiekenmarkt 5), 1000 Brussels.

Opening hours: From wednesday to Sunday 11:00 am – 07:00 pm.

Last visiting day: 18/10/2015! 

website Zinneke

There is a lot more to see than the pictures I showed you, so it’s absolutely worth to visit!



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