Vanhaerents Art Collection – part II

This is part II of my review of the Vanhaerents Art Collection. I visited the exhibition ‘Man in the Mirror‘ during the Heritage Days in September 2015. There was so much I wanted to tell you that I couldn’t even fit it into one blogpost.  Read part I here.


NO made by Mark Handforth. The artist is known for his playful and bold sculptures. Here we see a kind of traffic sign that looks like it fell on the ground. It seems damaged. Handforth wants you to experience the artwork from very close by so you can feel its physical presence.


Mirror Wall by Jeppe Hein. What’s so special about a mirror? Hein is known for his interactive artworks. Underneath the mirror is a sensor that makes it vibrate every time you pass by. Actually it’s not really a mirror, but a mirror like material painted on canvas.


Double Midnight & Wisteria (Yellow) from the American artist Teresita Fernandez. These two artworks are all about the beauty of nature. We see a climbing plant over a lake that is reflecting the moonlight. In close up, the water surface is covered with sparkling pearls. Stunning!


Social Mobility, Fig. 2 by Elmgreen & Dragset. These Scandinavian artists show quite literally the process of our desire to get higher on the social ladder. The harder we try, the more damage we do to others or even ourself. Our ambition to be recognized makes us blind for everything else.


Bad Moon Rising made by Sterling Ruby. I saw a few works of this artist before, but I still don’t know much about him. This moon sculpture made me think of the boots Raf Simons designed for his Sterling Ruby collection. See the picture I took at The Belgians expo here.

More info?

There is a lot more to see at ‘Man in the Mirror’, so get your agenda and plan a visit to this beautiful building! I can’t recommend it enough, you will definitely not regret it!

Vanhaerents Art Collection

Visiting is possible every first Saturday of the month from 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm or for groups on reservation. The entrance fee is €10 (€5 for students) and visiting is possible until 30/10/2017!



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