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I always write a blogpost on Sunday, so for today I had something in mind about a great exhibition in Brussels. It’s just that I can’t pretend that this is a regular weekend. I’m shocked about what happened in Paris. Every book I read about blogging has learned me not to write anything when feeling very emotional or angry. Today I’m breaking that rule because yes, I am angry, yes, I am scared and yes, I feel really sad.

It’s heartbreaking to see all the messages passing by on twitter from people who lost their child, friend or husband. All these people are suffering and they will suffer for a long time. There is an expression that goes like this: if it rains in Paris, it drips in Brussels. So yes, in Brussels we can certainly feel the suffering too. I love Paris for the same reason I love Brussels: the little streets, the open-minded citizens, the cultural and artistic scene and the freedom to be who you are. All this has been swept away this weekend. Not entirely, because that wil never be possible.

I’m going to see the concert of Kamasi Washington this Monday in the AB. I wrote a blogpost about it this summer, and I remember something he said about the Ferguson shootings (read the full blogpost here). He said:  “What fixes your spirit when Ferguson happens? It hurts your spirit, it hurts your heart and soul. You need something to fix it.” That’s what he’s trying to do with his music, to fix our souls.

It takes time to heal the pain that is caused, but I am convinced that Kamasi will at least make me forget about this fucked up world for a few hours.







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