Pop Art in Belgium!

A few weeks ago I visited the Pop Art exhibition @ the ING Art Center (Place Royale). I think it’s about time that I share my experience 😉 .


Actually, I’m not such a big fan of Pop Art, but I do like the ING Art Center. I really appreciated their exhibition of Alfredo Jaar in 2012. Now, Belgian Pop Art? Hmm, how come I never heard about that before? It made me curious enough to go take a look! 

Pop Art is an American & British art movement that focusses on elements that are present in the world of mass consumption and mass culture. Think about soup cans, pin-up girls, Hollywood celebrities, women’s lips and comic figures. I think we all know the reproductive work of Andy Warhol or the red-blue-yellow comic strip paintings of Lichtenstein. What I didn’t realize is how much the Belgian artists were influenced by all this. They made different interpretations of these mass culture elements, and not just imitations. Like Marcel Broodthaers for example, whose work always added a surreal feeling to it.  

There were a few artworks that really charmed me, but I was most impressed by the work of Roger Raveel and Raoul De Keyser. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, so the images I used (that I found online) can be a bit blurry. 


Karretje om de hemel te vervoeren (cart to capture heaven) by Roger Raveel. I find this really cute and unique. The work of Raveel in the basement of the ING Art Center is also impressive!

(source: website Raveel museum)

de keyser

Kalklijnen hoek, 1970 (chalk lines angle) by Raoul De Keyser

(source: Cobra)

There is a lot to see at this exhibition. Unfortunately there is no audio guide, but you get a printed visitors guide that gives a lot of extra information. I was seriously tempted to buy the catalogue, but I was a bit short on money so I didn’t. Maybe I’ll buy it later as a Christmas present for myself 🙂 .

pop art

View from the exhibition.

(©Vincent Everarts, source: ING Art Center)

More info?

There’s still plenty of time to visit the expo: until 14/02/2016!

Tip: buy your tickets on the machine at the entrance, you get a reduction of €2. ING clients get a reduction of 50% and if you’re younger than 26 it’s free! 




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