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Boris Tellegen is a Dutch artist also known as Delta. Delta is the name he used when he became active in the street art scene. Alice Gallery is currently presenting his work and since I love art with a street background, I really wanted to see it. Before I tell you something more about the artist, let’s see some pictures. 




Setting 1, 2015.


Conclusion, 2015.


In the last picture you can recognize the letters DELTA (with a bit of imagination). As a kid, Boris Tellegen was fascinated by lego, robots and other geometric toys. It’s something you see coming back in all of his work, from his graffiti designs in the 80’s until the most recent pieces. He plays with different textures and makes collages from all kinds of materials (paper, wood, concrete, plastic…).  What I admire most is how he interferes with the public space.  


An example of his early work (source:


Sculpture in Charleroi (© Boris Tellegen, source: Boris Tellegen Facebook).


Laid back robot, Enschede (© Boris Tellegen, source: Boris Tellegen Facebook).

Although these sculptures look very impressing, it’s still absolutely worth seeing the smaller artworks in the gallery. The details are incredible! 

More info?

Visit the gallery until 20/02/2016!

Delta official page

Alice Gallery

Facebook page 

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