M. Chat expo in Brussels

Hello! As simple as the drawing might be, this cat makes me happy! Chances are it has the same effect on you, just admit it 😉 . Monsieur Chat is created by the Swiss street artist Thoma Vuille who lives in Paris for the moment.


The design of M. Chat is based on a children’s drawing, but the artist made it into a very powerful symbol that is known in big cities all over the world. With its first appearance in France, Monsieur Chat could be seen on rooftops or high walls, looking over the city with his big smile. The intention of Toma Vuille is very clear: he wants to make people happy by showing them a cute cat.  It’s not complicated at all, but it works! Cities can be gray sometimes and when you’re in the morning rush to go to your work it might be nice to see M. Chat, even for a few seconds, especially when you didn’t expect it. Monsieur Chat can be seen in several cities in France, but also in The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sarajevo, Vietnam, Senegal, Japan, South Korea and Brazil. The only thing I don’t get is why not in Belgium? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I couldn’t find any sign of M. Chat in Belgium. I would love to see Monsieur Chat in Brussels! For now, the only way to see him is to visit the Martine Ehmer Gallery, where the artist is currently exposing.











Go visit the Gallery for some instant happiness! They have a very nice flyer (like in the header image I used) you can take home. I will put it on the wall in my office for some good vibes 🙂 . If you would like to buy a piece, I think the prices are reasonable.

More info?

The expo is a collaboration between the Martine Ehmer Gallery & Bruno Montois Gallery. You can see M. Chat until 20/03/2016, Rue Haute 200 (Marolles).  All information here: Martine Ehmer Gallery

Find Thoma Vuille here: official website M. Chat or Facebook page artist

Next time I’m in Paris I will go looking for Monsieur Chat!



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