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I went to the ING Art Center without any expectations, because the name Peter Kogler was completely new to me. Since I usually appreciate the exhibitions organized by this art center, I had high hopes. And yes, I have no regrets at all. It was a strange experience, like walking into a different world! Peter Kogler is an Austrian artist who lives in Vienna. It was Jan Hoet that sort of ‘discovered’ Peter Kogler as an interesting artist years ago. He’s a multimedia artist who uses computer technology to make most of his work. Inspired by architecture, he has the habit of transforming whole rooms into his own universe. That’s exactly what he did this time. The whole exhibition space is now one big piece of art. There are curved lines everywhere: on the wall, ceiling and floor. Inside this piece of art, he exposes his sculptures, videos, collages and printed drawings.



There are some themes or subjects that you see coming back regularly: rats, ants, some kind of worms or pipes, light bulbs, globes, diamonds, brains, human tissue and DNA structures. The colors red and black are also very present. Because of the rats, I felt like being trapped in a science experiment, a laboratory with cameras surveilling me all the time. The optical illusions created by the curved lines that are omnipresent, makes you lose your balance a little bit. I loved it!


The exhibition is very accessible because you can really feel and experience it. I bet children would love it as well. I read somewhere that Peter Kogler was a little bit worried during a former exhibition. Children were chasing his moving lab rats that were projected on the floor, until they were almost hypnotized. So if you bring your children, keep an eye on them 😉 . There is also a video room with loud music and geometric figures projected everywhere. Trippy!


I didn’t mention the name of the art works because they were almost all called ‘Untitled’.


More info?

You can step into Peter Kogler’s world until 19/06/2016 at the ING Art Center. Regular tickets cost €8 and there’s no need to buy them in advance. There is also a massive video projection every evening on the big ING building next to Troon.

Peter Kogler official website

ING Art Center



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