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Did you see the giants yet in the entrance hall of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium? If not, it’s about time you met them! There are six sculptures from the Canadian artist David Altmejd exposed in this room. The first time I saw a work of art from Altmejd was also in Brussels, when I visited the Vanhaerents Art Collection. It was also a giant sculpture, called Figure with Black Arms and Strawberry. It was a bit creepy, but very interesting to look at. The six sculptures in the museum hall are quite impressive, because they match so well with their surroundings.


It’s easy to recognize a piece of art made by David Altmejd. He uses a lot of mirrors in combination with his sculptures. He likes to play with the contrast between inside and outside, abstract and figurative, hard materials and soft, organic materials. He uses lots of different materials like for example: hair, crystals, plastic grapes, doll heads, stuffed animals or glass eyes. It looks like a mix between human, animal and abstract elements. The artist uses mirrors because you automatically relate to the artwork when seeing yourself in them. It’s a game of reflection where both you and the giants are positioned in the room. Because there are so many mirrors, you can discover the entrance hall from an endless number of angles. I saw a lot of kids having the time of their life 🙂 . It was very amusing to see these little ones at the feet of the giants.

Meet the giants

Here are some pictures I took. There’s more to see, so don’t hesitate to go take a look for yourself.




More info?

The exhibition will close on 22/08/2016, so there’s more than enough time to visit. The entrance is completely free! While you are there, I strongly recommend you to visit the Andres Serrano exhibition who also runs until 22/08/2016.

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