AM Sweet


Hello everyone! As the city center of Brussels is becoming more and more a place for tourists, I am glad that there are still a few spots I really enjoy visiting. Don’t get me wrong, tourists are more than welcome. It’s just that there are so many chain restaurants now that the real Brussels character is getting lost.

AM Sweet

Anyway, AM Sweet is one of those places where I can still feel inspired! It’s located in the Rue des Chartreux and it looks like a little shop where you can buy tea and some sweets. That’s exactly what it is, but it’s also a cosy place to have a drink. Choose a table upstairs where it’s nice and calm. The place reminds me of an appartement I once rented in Paris with Airbnb: very tiny but full of inspiration. It’s probably the presence of art books and the small impressionist painting that make it even more appealing to me.



The main reason to visit AM Sweet is the tea! I’m a big fan of tea and also a big fan of Japan, so I adore Japanese tea. We tasted the Fuji-Yama tea, made from a plant in the Mount Fuji region, the highest mountain in Japan. The taste is subtile and soft, the quality is very good. They also have Sencha, Genmaicha, Earl Grey Sencha and Sakura. The Sakura is also very good, it’s made from the famous cherry blossom trees. They have other kinds of tea too, as well as coffee and sodas.


And last but not least, they have home made pastry and some of them are gluten free! (‘Hallelujah’ playing in my head)


I had this one, made from red fruit and almond flour.


Yummy! Prices are reasonable considering the high quality of the products. We paid €15 for 4 cups of tea and 2 pieces of pastry. Not something for every day, but let’s not forget: It’s the little things in life that matter. A great place to seek shelter on a rainy day or during one of these crazy summer storms we’ve been having.

More info?

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