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(Left image:Madame La Belge)

Hell yes, we all remember the words of Donald Trump saying that the city of Brussels is a hellhole. I saw a lot of funny reactions appearing on social media at that time, coming from citizens and people who are active in the Brussels creative scene. One of them, Dries Tack, decided to create a website called Hellhole.Brussels to promote local artists abroad.

I recently rediscovered this website and I thought it was about time to share it with you.

Get to know our local artists

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(left: Sofie Haesaerts, right: Alexandra De Grave)

The website is composed of different images made by artists living in Brussels. When you click on the image, the name of the artist appears. You’ll find a direct link to the artists website and sociale media accounts. It’s like a portfolio of talented people from the local creative community. I love the fact that you can keep clicking through all the websites. I keep seeing more and more works of art that grab my attention and that I want to know more about.

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(left: Hanna Ilczyszyn, right: Daniel PIaggio)

For me, Hellhole.Brussels is a good way to stay up to date about local vernissages and art happenings. It’s nice to follow the artists social media accounts because it gives a more personal perspective than their official website. I subscribed to the newsletter so that I won’t miss a thing when new artists present themselves in this community.

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(left: Maria Gil Ulldemolins, right: Milan Benza)

If you’re an artist living in Brussels, join this online community by creating your own profile! The goal is simply to share the love you have for Brussels and to present yourself as a local artist.

Hidden gems in Brussels

I kept the best information for last… When you click on the image, you also see the artists favorite hot spots in Brussels for shopping, drinking, eating and going out. Some of them even share a personal ‘hidden gem‘. All of these hotspots are directly linked to a website, so keep on clicking for more information.

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