Fragil is the name of an exhibition that is organized on the occasion of the new Zinneke Parade that will take place in 2016. The exhibition is an introduction to the theme fragility. No less than 17 artists currently show their vision on this theme in an old abandoned supermarket in the center of Brussels. If you are in Brussels this week, go take a look because it’s closing again on 19/10/2015. I definitely feel inspired by this expo and I would recommend it to everyone! 

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Cinema Bioscoop Festival

What’s your favorite cinema in Brussels?

Mine is Cinema Galeries, located in the Royal Gallery Saint-Hubert in the center of Brussels, an old alternative cinema built in 1939. They are hosting a 4-day film festival from 8 tot 11 october 2015, called CINEMA BIOSCOOP FESTIVAL.


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Vanhaerents Art Collection – part I


What a discovery! I’m really happy to tell you about the Vanhaerents Art Collection. I visited the exhibition ‘Man in the Mirror‘ during the Heritage Days in September 2015. There is so much I would like to tell you about this expo that it’s not even possible to put in one blogpost.  So here is part I.  

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Brussels Museums Nocturnes

flyer Nocturnes

If you haven’t heard yet, the Museum Nocturnes have started again! Every Thursday evening a few museums open their doors until 10:00 pm. It’s a great idea because how many times do you get the chance to visit a museum on a working day? The only thing I find regrettable is that not all of them open their doors for free! So far I only visited the Magritte museum once during the Nocturnes, but this year I have a few more visits in mind. I’m a little bit ashamed that I haven’t seen the Museum of the City of Brussels from the inside yet 🙂 .

Program 1/10/2015

See the full program until 10/12/2015 on the official website.



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Nuit Blanche 2015

Another great event in Brussels next Saturday 03/10/2015! There is so much to do lately that I feel like I should write a blogpost every day. Off course that’s not possible, since I also have a life 🙂 (and a fulltime job).


Nuit Blanche is a contemporary art route in the city that offers several artistic installations, performances and activities. This years edition everything is happening around the Place Saint-Cathérine. The meeting point is located at the Vismet (Quai aux Bisques & Quai au Bois à Brûler). There are 32 things to see during 1 evening so it’s better to make a selection in advance. I remember from last year that there was a long waiting line at the entrance for some activities, so I didn’t get to see everything I wanted. For this year, I chose activities that are less time bound to avoid that everybody wants to get in at the same time.

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Kathryn Andrews @ Gladstone Gallery


Hello everyone! I saw a work of KATHRYN ANDREWS earlier this year at Art Brussels, only I didn’t know her name at the moment. When I checked out some artists exposing in Brussels this month, I googled her name and immediately recognized her work. Take a look at the picture you see above and then at this one here. The shiny mirror-like materials are the same, combined with very colorful elements that make you think about summer and holidays.

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Wang Du @ Albert Baronian Gallery


Albert Baronian, a Brussels gallery, is currently presenting an exhibition from the Chinese artist WANG DU, called ‘REALITE ALTEREE’.  I saw an artwork of Wang Du earlier this year in Mons during a group expo called La Chine Ardente (see my review here). If you are planning to visit Mons, you should go take a look, it’s really worth it!

But back to the gallery in Brussels now. Wang Du’s work is a critical reflection on the influence of media on our daily life and the power it has to manipulate our minds. He makes sculptures of images he finds in newspapers and magazines.  The images are often about really common events that doesn’t seem important. Because some of his sculptures are really big, these banal things become something special, almost like monuments. His work is often provocative. He got his interest in mass manipulation from his home country China, where he has been in prison for several months because of his critical art. Nowadays he lives in Paris en he also focusses on the relationship between human beings and objects.

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Heritage Days & Car Free Sunday

Next weekend (19 & 20 September 2015): Heritage Days + Car Free Sunday = no excuses to stay inside!


During the Heritage Days lots of buildings will open their doors for the public. This year the focus is on offices, ateliers and factories. There are so many places to see that it’s impossible to visit everything. I’m only available one day out of two, so it’s hard to make a choice. I prefer to visit buildings that I’ve never seen before and that have an artistic side. Here’s what I’d like to see:

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Hello everyone! I was in Budapest this week for a 3 day city trip. It was a little bit too short to visit everything that we heard was worth it, but nevertheless 3 days was enough to get a general view of the city. These are the things I will remember the most about the capital of Hungary:

  • the many many beautiful high buildings
  • the bridges that connect Buda with Pest
  • the great view over the city
  • the Jewish quarter with the ruin pubs
  • the many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free restaurants
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Wiels Art Book Fair


Art lovers, beware! This weekend you can buy art books and other artistic publications @ WIELS, the Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels. The books will be sold by collectors, publishers and artists themselves. Personally, I could spend half of my salary on art books but that isn’t really an option. I have to admit that some of the books they usually sell in the Wiels bookshop seem a little bit too complicated for me. They are mainly essays and philosophical art books, that require a lot of foreknowledge. I think (and hope) that the art book fair will be a little bit more accessible to a larger public. From what I’ve seen on the website, there will be books in English, Dutch and French. Anyway, I give myself permission to buy one book 😆 , so I will go take a look.

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