The Royal Palace from the inside

Have you ever wondered what the Royal Palace looks like on the inside? I never really thought about it, until a few days ago. Every summer, the Royal Palace opens its doors for the public (this year until 06/09/2015). I thought I should see it at least once before it’s closing again. Let me show you some pictures of my experience.


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Don’t miss these exhibitions ;)

This is a quick reminder of what’s going on in Brussels art world. The new art season is officially opening next weekend (11, 12 & 13/09/2015), but there are also 2 closing exhibitions that I really think are worth visiting.

Expo Henri Cartier-Bresson!


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Brussels Art Days : my selection


For art galleries, September is a very important month, because it’s the start of the new art season! They usually close their doors in August for holidays, and reopen the next month with a momentous exhibition. To celebrate the opening of the new art season, galleries show their new exhibitions during the Brussels Art Days. This year it takes place on 11/09, 12/09 & 13/09/2015.

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The Sound Of Belgium

Yes, that’s right. Belgium has a sound 🙂 .


The Sound Of Belgium is the name of a music documentary directed by Jozef Devillé about the Belgian dance music scene in the late 80’s. It has its origins around the time I was born. Why am I telling you this? Two reasons:

  1. It’s a very amusing feel-good documentary that you should see if you like electronic music.
  2. They organize parties in Brussels! The next one is 28/08/2015 @ Club Vilaine (see link below).

The movie tells the story of the rise of New Beat music in the Belgian dance temples like Boccaccio, Sherrymoon, La Rocca and Fifty Five. Today, Belgian dance clubs are very mainstream, but in the late 80’s it was the place to be for alternative electronic dance music. New Beat is a unique sound that is invented in Belgium. It’s a cross-over of EBM (Electronic Body Music, like Front 242) and acid, that has 100 to 115 beats per minute, which is rather slow. You can see it as the frontrunner of House and Techno. Do you know ‘This is the sound of C‘? It’s from Confetti’s, one of the major Belgian new beat bands, like Lords of Acid.

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City trip Mons

Why not do a city trip in your own country? I had never been to Mons before, but since it’s the European Capital of Culture 2015, I thought it was worth a visit.


There is so much to do this year in Mons that it is hard to make a choice. We received a little map at the tourist office and we took a walk in the city, looking for the art installations. This first picture is an artwork called ‘City says no‘ from Inject Love, an artists collective from Gent.

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Brussels cultural landscape

If you want a heads up about what’s going on in Brussels cultural scene,  go take a look @ Brussels Creative Forum on 28 & 29 August 2015.

2015-08-19 20.41.40

Imagine that you are having a drink in your favorite bar and you find a flyer about an exhibition you didn’t know about. You visit the exhibition and there you see a poster about a concert that seems interesting. Isn’t it great to discover new things? At the Brussels Creative Forum you will find all the info about every cultural organisation in Brussels in one place! This is what’s on the program:

  • culture market where all these organisations in the field of architecture, cinema, music, theatre, visual art, literature and even comedy will present their program for the next season.
  • Conferences  about various subjects, like street art, gentrification, tourism, public space and creative industries, all related to Brussels (don’t forget to sign up in advance).
  • book market where you can find every book about Brussels!

For the hungry ones there will be several Food Trucks present, like SINstreetfood ! The event is free and you can even win tickets for cultural events. 

I’m definitely going to visit the Creative Form to get inspiration for future blogposts about cultural events in Brussels. If you can’t go the weekend of 28 & 29 August, I will keep you updated regularly 🙂 .

More info?

Friday 28 August 12:00 am – 10:00 pm

Saturday 29 August 12:00 am – 06:00 pm

@ Square Brussels, Mont des Arts

Brussel Creative Forum official website



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Foodmet Anderlecht


This morning I went to the Foodmet in Anderlecht, also known as the Abattoir. I went there before, more than 10 years ago, when it wasn’t called Foodmet yet. Back than, I remember being amazed by the big amount of foreign products and the multicultural crowd. Living in Brussels for several years now, I’m used to this multicultural side of the city, and yet this morning I was still amazed!

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Kamasi Washington!

Kamasi Washington is coming to the AB in Brussels on the 16th of November 2015!


Kamasi Washington is a contemporary jazz artist who was born in California. He started playing in different bands as a tenor saxophonist and pianist at a young age, very much influenced by John Coltrane.  By now, he’s also an experienced  jazz band leader and composer. He played with lots of musicians from the soul, hiphop, electronic music and jazz scene, like Lauryn Hill, Herbie Hancock, Nas and Flying Lotus. Lately he became more noticed because of the arrangements he made for the album ‘To Pimp a Buttterfly‘ from Kendrick Lamar.

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This weekend: Reggaebus Festival!


If you are in Brussels this weekend, there is a great festival @ Tour & Taxis on 7 & 8 August 2015!  A few years ago, on a sunny day, we were walking past the Park Cinquantenaire when we heard some really good reggae music. There was a free party going on in the middle of the park, organized by Reggaebus Brussels. A few years later, they moved to Tour & Taxis in order to expand & attract more people. If you like reggae & dub music, you will like this party!

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Spotted in Brussels: quotes


In the past few months, I took a picture every time I saw a quote in the city. By now I have a big collection that I want to share with you from time to time. This first quote was found close to Recyclart and it’s my favorite one. “Si tu me dis encore une fois que je suis charmante, JE T’ARRACHE LES COUILLES” 🙂 . Meaning: If I hear you say one more time that I’m charming, I will cut your balls off.

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