Accessible Art Fair 2016: my favorites


I share – you share, 2014, by Yana Dimitrova

Accessible Art

The Accessible Art Fair is already celebrating its 10th anniversary, but the concept is still the same. It’s an art fair where you can buy high quality art for a reasonable price. The artists are not yet known by the larger public, they are still emerging. That’s what makes the art work accessible for everyone who cares about art, even when on a small budget. Actually, that’s what I try to achieve with this blog: to make art accessible for everyone, to convince people to walk into a gallery without hesitating and to talk about art in an understandable way. It’s the second time I visited the Accessible Art Fair and I always feel inspired afterwards. The atmosphere is really positive and there are no snobby people you often see in other art fairs. I love the fact that you can speak to all the artists. When I write a blog post about an exhibition, I feel a bigger connection when I actually talked to the artist. It adds some kind of emotional value. I guess it’s the same thing when buying an art work, knowing the artist a little bit creates a real connection.

So here are my favorite art works of this year’s edition.

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