London Citytrip


The first week of 2017 I finally made it to London! It is really not that far from Brussels, but somehow we always had other priorities and kept postponing it. We stayed in Shoreditch for 5 days and that turned out to be a very good choice. Good food, nice people, lots of shopping possibilities and not too far from the best museums and art galleries. Shoreditch is known as ‘hipster town’ but that didn’t bother me too much. Or maybe there is one thing that bothered me a little bit: the huge amount of boutiques and hair dressers just for men! Could there be a feminist deep inside of me?

Compared to Brussels, London has a few advantages: free entrance in most of the museums (!), the River Thames as part of the city (not like the hidden Zenne in Brussels), the many new buildings emerging everywhere and the fact that most of the restaurants have a gluten free menu. Here are a few of my personal highlights when it comes to art, food, shopping and the city culture. I hope it might inspire you.

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