Getting married in Brussels: henna ritual

Hello everyone! Do you know what I like most about living in Brussels? That I get to meet lots of people from different cultures with different traditions. A friend of mine was getting married and since she told me it was going to be a mixed Moroccan-European wedding, I wanted to know all about the Moroccan wedding traditions 🙂 . She invited me to witness the henna ritual and gave me permission to take pictures!

The henna ritual is an importent element of a Muslim wedding, not only in Morocco but also in Turkey, Pakistan and so on. A few days before the wedding, a professional henna artist applies the henna on the bride’s hands and feet. Depending on the region where the bride’s family comes from, there are different patterns and styles to choose from. In the pictures and video you will see a Tanger inspired version.


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What to do in Brussels when all the museums are closed?

As you all know, there is not much to do in the city this weekend due to the terror threat level 4. Almost all public places are closed and there are no metros, so I have no other choice than to stay home. Hopefully it will pass very soon so we can go back to a normal life again…

I found the perfect pastime for this Sunday: a documentary that is called How Art Made The World, made in 2005 by BBC. I borrowed the dvd in Muntpunt (also closed this weekend). There are 5 dvd’s, good for 270 minutes of entertainment 🙂 . I only watched 2 of them so far, but I’m ready to install myself on the couch with a cup of tea and some chocolate. Let’s see a little fragment so that I can convince you it’s worth watching. 

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