Djamel Merbah – Couleurs d’argile


Djamel Merbah

Hello! Once again, there is a lot of art to see in Brussels this time of the year. My ‘things to visit’-list is growing almost every day. Besides the main exhibitions at Bozar, Wiels and other big museums, I also want to pay attention to artwork from less known artists. That’s why it seemed worth the effort to check out the work of Djamel Merbah at Espace Magh.

Djamel Merbah was born in Algeria in 1949 and came to Belgium in the 70’s. He graduated at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Art in Brussels and Liège and did several exhibitions in Algeria and Europe. So let’s see what his work is about! (Please note that the paintings where only numbered, so I can’t give you any titles.)

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Akram Haissoufi : Après les murs


Hello! I was thinking of going to the BRAFA art fair this weekend, but when I saw the entrance fee on their website, I thought it was better to go for plan B. I asked myself ‘how can I see great art in Brussels for free?’ You would be surprised of the possibilities! I decided to go see the exhibition of Akram Haissoufi at Espace Magh, rue du Poinçon 17 (close to Central station). 


I assume Akram Haissoufi is a relatively unknown artist, because there is not much information about him online. All I can tell you so far is that he’s a visual artist and film maker from Morocco. The expo ‘Après les murs’ tells the story of people who leave their country to get a better life in another country. It’s about crossing borders and bumping into walls (both real and metaphorical). Being able to leave your country is a human right written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s not easy to get across the borders and people are often labeled as ‘illegal‘. The artist also refers to the fact that the new country is probably very different from what they had imagined.  He represents their mental journey during this process. Today thousands of refugees are crossing boarders in search for a better life, so with that in mind I took a look at the paintings.

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