Belgian Crew street art


The Great Deal of Pain(t), by El Nino76

Belgian Crew is the name of a street art exhibition that is hold in the Egmont Palace in Brussels. Every summer, the Palace opens its doors to the public when showing the work of different artists.  I never noticed this Palace before even though I walk past it every day to go to work. It’s hidden behind the small park of Petit Sablon, the one with all the statues. It’s only because I saw so many pictures on social media of these marble stairs with the yellow paint spilled on it that I found out about the exhibition. (the blue-orange-purple paintings on the marble background are made by the artist Reset’81)

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M. Chat expo in Brussels

Hello! As simple as the drawing might be, this cat makes me happy! Chances are it has the same effect on you, just admit it 😉 . Monsieur Chat is created by the Swiss street artist Thoma Vuille who lives in Paris for the moment.


The design of M. Chat is based on a children’s drawing, but the artist made it into a very powerful symbol that is known in big cities all over the world. With its first appearance in France, Monsieur Chat could be seen on rooftops or high walls, looking over the city with his big smile. The intention of Toma Vuille is very clear: he wants to make people happy by showing them a cute cat.  It’s not complicated at all, but it works! Cities can be gray sometimes and when you’re in the morning rush to go to your work it might be nice to see M. Chat, even for a few seconds, especially when you didn’t expect it. Monsieur Chat can be seen in several cities in France, but also in The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sarajevo, Vietnam, Senegal, Japan, South Korea and Brazil. The only thing I don’t get is why not in Belgium? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I couldn’t find any sign of M. Chat in Belgium. I would love to see Monsieur Chat in Brussels! For now, the only way to see him is to visit the Martine Ehmer Gallery, where the artist is currently exposing.

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Public art in Brussels: the man from Atlantis

There’s something strange about public art. On the one hand, there are sculptures that you can’t ignore and that everybody has an opinion about. Like the red blocks from Arne Quinze at the belgian coast for example. You either love it or hate it. On the other hand, some artworks are just as remarkable, and yet people don’t pay attention to them. How come? Like this strange creature for example. Did you see him yet?


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