Belgian Crew street art


The Great Deal of Pain(t), by El Nino76

Belgian Crew is the name of a street art exhibition that is hold in the Egmont Palace in Brussels. Every summer, the Palace opens its doors to the public when showing the work of different artists. ¬†I never noticed this Palace before even though I walk past it every day to go to work. It’s hidden behind the small park of Petit Sablon, the one with all the statues. It’s only because I saw so many pictures on social media of these marble stairs with the yellow paint spilled on it that I found out about the exhibition. (the blue-orange-purple paintings on the marble background are made by the artist Reset’81)

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Spotted in Brussels: quotes (part II)

Hello everyone! What do you think about my header image? Evil-stepdad-cums-on-teen.avi. Please don’t be shocked ūüôā . ¬†From all the¬†quotes I spotted in Brussels in the last few months, this ‘evil-stepdad’ one is my favorite. I’m not sure, but I think it’s from Oli B. Since I started paying attention to all the details on walls and street furniture, I find it more and more¬†addictive! I already shared a few quotes with you last summer (read part I¬†here) and as promised, I kept¬†taking pictures every time I saw a quote. So here is part II:


Quote from Isaac Newton. I found several quotes like this in Brussels. Does anyone know who is responsible for this? I would like to thank him/her for surprising me every now and then.

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