Wang Du @ Albert Baronian Gallery


Albert Baronian, a Brussels gallery, is currently presenting an exhibition from the Chinese artist WANG DU, called ‘REALITE ALTEREE’.  I saw an artwork of Wang Du earlier this year in Mons during a group expo called La Chine Ardente (see my review here). If you are planning to visit Mons, you should go take a look, it’s really worth it!

But back to the gallery in Brussels now. Wang Du’s work is a critical reflection on the influence of media on our daily life and the power it has to manipulate our minds. He makes sculptures of images he finds in newspapers and magazines.  The images are often about really common events that doesn’t seem important. Because some of his sculptures are really big, these banal things become something special, almost like monuments. His work is often provocative. He got his interest in mass manipulation from his home country China, where he has been in prison for several months because of his critical art. Nowadays he lives in Paris en he also focusses on the relationship between human beings and objects.

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